End of Lease

Working with renters, landlords, property managers and agents alike, we are qualified and experienced in vacate cleaning. We are comprehensively insured with staff highly trained to operate industry-powered equipment.

Our team will work with you to choose the best cleaning solution to match your vacate clean and budget with either hourly rates or a fixed quote.

We promise that we’ll come back and clean again for free if in the very unlikely event it doesn’t pass ¬first time.


Gyms, sports and leisure centres require a high level of attention to detail to ensure cleanliness and hygiene is maintained for patrons and employees alike. A failure to maintain services in this area can quickly deteriorate the experience, results in bad reviews, poor feedback and less signs up or patronage.

Maintain your excellent reputation with our high performing cleaning team. Hiring b2b to maintain your fitness business cleaning needs ensures a great result, friendly service, and genuine, empathetic solutions to your problems across Melbourne.

Multi-Tenant Buildings and Owner’s Corporation

As an owner of a multi-tenant building, your responsibilities are endless. Why add cleaning to the list?

With our comprehensive team and high-performance machine, we’ll ensure your property is always in excellent condition while ensuring problems and concerns are addressed when they arise. Our team of multi-tenant building cleaners can provide general area cleaning services, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and report any maintenance issues to the appropriate people.

Working with you, we can ensure your building is kept maintained and beautifully cleaned while ensuring great communication and a professional finish.

General Office

Office spaces are high volume spaces that demand a special level of cleanliness and organisation. Don’t compromise the health and motivation of your staff by settling for bare minimum standards when b2b can offer a high quality service that is efficient and effective.

With experience in law firms, medical companies, real estate offices and manufacturing, we’re ready to create a bespoke solution for your office cleaning needs.

Childcare and Education

The health and safety of students and children is paramount, which is why education groups need to take cleaning seriously. With high volume, eating areas and multi purpose spaces, its worth the investment in a cleaning group that understand the need for efficient and effective cleaning.

We service childcare facilities, as well as Primary, Secondary and specialist education facilities that require expert cleaners to address high traffic and highly sensitive environments.

With our specialised team, you can expect high quality results and prompt communication.

b2b Cleaning Group have been providing childcare cleaning and school cleaning for years, and handle the full spectrum of requirements, from high volume cleaning through to the management of consumables (toilet paper, hand towels, hand soap and air fresheners).

Hotels, Motels, Pubs and Clubs

The cleaning requirements in hotels, motels, pubs and clubs are constant, and can easily escalate if not properly addressed. In the hospitality industry, your facility is constantly scrutinised by customers, and cause a lasting impression on your business that may be shared publicly. When staying away from home, customers are highly sensitive to uncleanliness and hygiene issues, and too often ignoring these issues can cause a prompt loss of customers.

Our cleaners are experts in creating the type of clean you and your guests expect. Working with hospitality clients, we understand your need for not only a high cleanliness standard, but also an aesthetic that reflects the values of your customer. Let us satisfy your needs with our relentless attention to detail, and commitment to creating a spotless hospitality environment for your brand.

Don’t waste time with broken promises…