Mobile technology continues to find new ways to disrupt and challenge traditional industries around the world. Moreover, the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets in our personal lives is finding its way into the workforce, with more and more companies realising the operational benefits of mobile technology.

Like many markets around the world the increasing demand for transparency, facilitated by low-cost mobile devices and data plans, has driven the uptake of mobile devices in Australia’s commercial cleaning industry, with software programs today enabling contractors to monitor staff and provide real-time data to clients.

According to B2B Cleaning Group Founder, Os Castañeda, mobile software is beneficial from both a client’s perspective – as it provides evidence cleaning has been performed – and an employer’s perspective in regards to insurance and compliance if trips, slips or falls occur.

“Clients increasingly want more information about where their cleaning resources go and we’re interested from a compliance point of view.”

“Software 10 years ago meant something very different to what it is today. Before, you could build a piece of software that was better than an excel spreadsheet, but it didn’t offer much to the user. Today’s software is all about the user.

“The bar has ultimately been raised. Cleaning is all about attention to detail, but quite often, the details aren’t communicated to the cleaner who is expected to carry out the work,” explains Castañeda. “Some companies hire and fire cleaners so quickly the new teams of cleaners don’t even know what is expected of them. Technology is guiding cleaners as to what to do.”